How it all began?

Selvaraj Bovas

Born on the 17th of May 1961, Mr. C. Selvaraj Bovas, a graduate in Economics but pursued a hobby of repair and servicing of electrical and electronic items. Electrical and electronics engineering being close to his heart Mr. Bovas started off a radio and T V repair institute to pass on his knowledge and experience in the field to youngsters who may also have a similar interest but not able to formally pursue a course on the subject. As a young person he felt that if he transfers theoretical and practical knowledge on repair of electrical and electronic items to youngsters they could then earn a living and stand on their own feet.

Even as a child Mr. Bovas would get emotionally upset anytime he saw people suffering, people in shabby and dirty clothes, people begging on the streets especially the elderly and the hapless. From the meager income he earned he attempted to help these unfortunate members. This helped, he was conscious, was too meager.

Mr. Bovas and his childhood friend Mr. E.J. Paul, both of whom spent their spare time playing football, would very often discuss ways and means to help the elders who are found discarded and lying in bus shelters, street corners, under the flyover, etc. The urge to reach out to the elders kept growing as the days went by.

His marriage in 1988 and the consequent family burden did not deter his burden for the deserted, the elderly, the homeless, and those in need.

As the urge kept multiplying, he continued to meditate over it and make it a part of his daily prayer. In 1991 his prayers were answered and Mr. Bovas and his childhood friend gave wings to their dreams and registered Little Drops as a public charitable trust.

How you can help us

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