How it all began?

Edgar Jones Paul

Edgar Jones Paul, born in Chennai, like all other children hailing from a middle class family spent a very happy childhood till the 6th standard.

While Paul was studying in the 6th standard in The M C C  school he lost his father in a tragic scooter accident leaving behind his mother & 7 siblings.

The untimely demise of his father not only shattered the family emotionally but also finically. The single minded determination and unflinching conviction of his mother kept the family buoyant though they were deprived of basic essential and necessities.

Paul even lost the luxury of going to school and returning home by the public bus and had to resort to walking 10 KMs every day to attend school.

Paul completed his schooling from MCC and went on to pursue Diploma in mechanical engineering with support of well-wishers and subsequently joined Indian Airlines at Chennai in 1980.

Having traversed through the uncertainties of life, Paul developed a deep and profound burden for the deprived members of our society, especially the helpless elders who are deserted in the streets by their own kith and kin and left to fend for themselves, exposed to the vagaries of nature and devoid of a fall back.

Inspired by the selfless humanitarian service rendered by the noble laureate, Mother Teresa, Paul and his childhood friend commenced a noble journey to provide wholesome residential care to elderly destitute by creating public charitable trust named LITTLE DROPS in 1991.

How you can help us

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