How it all began?

Munusamy Ramesh

Mr. Munusamy Ramesh was born in to a family of agricultural labors, where economic sustenance took priority over formal education. As he continued to assist his parents in augmenting the family income, he also attended local school in the vicinity of his village.

Ramesh soon realized that agriculture being seasonal in nature, would not provide a regular and steady source of income to sustain himself and his family. He looked for options to migrate from the village and explore greener pastures in the city.

In his search for employment, he was referred by a well-wisher to Little Drops in 9193, as the trust began to commence its maiden journey of providing residential, medical, and emotional shelter to its first four inmates. The assignment was not easy, the challenges were far too many, and the management team had limited experience and above all, the financial resource, a major constraint.

Ramesh from a toughened agricultural background was ever willing to supplement the efforts of the management with his untiring physical effort while every day was a new learning. He was conscious that the cause of the charitable home, was far too noble, the comforts far too less while the inevitability to efficiently run a newly formed home far too high.

After having served Little Drops diligently for 21 years, gained hands-on experience in the various functions of the home, Ramesh was elevated as a Trustee of Little Drops in 2014 consequent to the demise of one of its earlier trustees.

How you can help us

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