Little Drops Composite Health Services

LIDCOHS (Little Drops Composite Health Services)


  • Most of the residents from Little Drops are picked up from the streets requiring Immediate medical attention and continuous nursing care.
  • Some of our residents are turned away by hospitals and doctors owing to incurable Diseases and aging. Such residents require isolated care before departure.
  • Residents who are bed-ridden for long developed bed sores requiring regular dressing and cleaning for which a separate unit for the sick would be useful.
  • Residents with particular ailment are prescribed special diets like milk and eggs Which could be provided easily in a separate unit for the sick.
  • Death of sick inmates amongst the healthy residents could be avoided if a separate unit could accommodate the sick.
  • Frequent hospitalizations of the inmates require carrying food to the hospitals and also providing an attendee for every patient. A critical care unit in the same campus will help us save time, money and efforts.
  • According to Hindu customs people refrain from taking food until the body of the deceased is removed from the living space. Keeping the bodies of the deceased in the dormitory until funeral often results in a lot of emotional problems amongst the residents.
  • Death during the night delays funeral till daylight with the body of the deceased amongst the other residents in the dormitories.
  • How you can help us

    Just call at +91 988 408 0862 / 64 / 65 to make a donation