Transformation Story

Transformation story

Name: Ramasamy
Age: 64 years old

My name is Ramasamy and I am 64 years old. I was born in Chennai. , my father was a mechanic and my mother was a home maker. We were five children in our family & I am the eldest one. I have two brothers and two sisters.

The financial situation of our family was poor in the sense we were struggling to lead our day to day life. So this financial situation didn’t allow us to continue our studies so none of us were stepped into school in our family. Years rolled on, I started learning the mechanical works from my father along with my brother.

We borrowed loan and settled our sisters’ life. After the marriage of our sisters, the loan was slowly settled by three of us. Then my brother and I got married and separated from our parents. So my parents were living alone. Very often I used to go along with my family members and take care of my parents.

My wife’s name is Rani ammal. We both were working for lesser salary but were leading a happy and peaceful life. But we were not gifted with a child. Then my parents passed away due to old age.

After the death of my parents we didn’t keep in touch with my sisters and brothers. Then many years passed and one day my wife died due to cardiac arrest. Then I was all alone so I vacated the place where I was staying with wife and shifted to K.K.Nagar and stayed with my friend. Then I didn’t want to be a burden on my friend and looking for some other place to lead rest of my life.

One day when I was sitting and thinking where to go, to my surprise God lent his helping hand through one of the social activist who came and said about “Little Drops”. Immediately I accepted, went and got police memo to get admitted here. It has been two years since I came here to little drops. Once upon a time I had no one in this world and to be an orphan but now in little drops I have many relationships around and many people are there to look after me and take care me.

So I express my heartfelt thanks to the Almighty, the staff and the management of little drops. I desire to spend rest of my life here.

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Transformation story

Age: 80 years

My hometown is Perumbedu village near Ponneri, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. My father’s name is D Iyengar and he used to work as a clerk in a yarn shop. My mother got married at a young age. I have two older brothers. The three of us studied and grew up with my father’s small income. Then my dad got too old so he couldn’t go to work. Therefore both of my brothers started working. My elder brother worked as a clerk in a company & my younger brother worked as a clerk with the Directorate of Medical Service. Then they looked after us.

My father died of old age a few months after my elder brother got married and my brother was blessed with two children. Then they started to look for a groom for me but because I had some issues with my horoscope they were not able find a right groom for me. For my sake, my younger brother didn’t get married for many years. But he was getting old. So he decided to get married at the age of 38 and then married a teacher who was working in a private school at Nungambakkam, Chennai.

A few years later both my brothers settled down with their families separately. Then I stayed in my uncle’s house along with my mother. Then a few years later I got married too. My husband’s name is Deva and he was working as a salesman. After my marriage my mom stayed with my elder brother. But my mother used to come to see me often. I was working as a Hindi teacher at Porur, faith home. I have two children, one male and one female).

My mother died when my children were small. After my mother passed away I left my job and looked after my children as there was no one to take care of them. To earn a livelihood, I took Hindi language tuition for small children in the evenings alone.

We worked hard and educated our children up to 10th standard. My son worked as a painter in a company & my daughter worked as a computer operator in a private company. Then my daughter got married, had one girl baby and was leading a happy life. But that happiness did not last long When my granddaughter was 8 years old, my daughter died due to an illness. Then my son & I looked after that child.

One day when my husband and I went outside on a two wheeler, we met with an accident and fractured our legs. My son never got married because he had to look after his sister’s child so we didn’t want to be a burden to him either. So we both came to “Little Drops” and joined here. Little drops management gave me and my husband a place to stay and took good care of us .Then ten months later I lost my husband due to an illness. Since then I was not able to come out from my husband’s loss , Little drops helped me to come out from the loss of my husband . Therefore I express my sincere gratitude to God, the management of Little Drops and to all the staff. (PS: Names changed for privacy)

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