Rescue to relief story

Kaniammal (Age: 56)

My name is kaniammal. I was born in Arupukottai, Nagalapuram. My father and mother were farmers. They had six children including me, two boys and four girls. My family was wealthy. We were farming in 32acrs land. My both sisters were not gone for school. My younger and elder brothers were studied up to 10th standard. I studied up to 5th standard alone. Except my two sisters all my family members would be going to work in the land. My elder brother had provision store. All my brothers and sisters got married and settled with their families. Then I too got married. My husband name is raja .

He was in Paramakudi. He had provision store there. They were in joined family. After some years my parents passed away due to age factor and illness. I had no children but I was taken very much care by my husband. One day I was fainted and I was admitted into Tambaram AC Hospital. Due to high blood pressure I became paralyzed. Then I was admitted into Government Hospital. No one was there to look after me in that Hospital. Then finally an NGO admitted me here in “Little Drops” and escaped from their responsibility. I express my heartfelt thanks to almighty , the staff and the management of little drops. I desire to spend rest of my life here. (PS: Names changed for privacy)

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Rajesh (Age: 75 Years)

I am Rajesh, born and brought up at Tirunelveli, in Tamil Nadu, India. My father was a carpenter and my mother was a homemaker. I had five siblings; since we are six of us we could not continue our studies after third grade. My parents found hard to feed and educate us with the little source of income which was earned only my father, hence myself and my siblings also started doing the same carpentry work as our dad did to support my family.

After some years we all got married and settled with our families, I am blessed with a caring wife and two lovely kids, but I was addicted to alcohol. Because of this bad habit I could not go for work and take care of my family well. Instead I became a burden to my family. At one point of time I realized that I should not trouble and put my burden on them then I left my family and came to Chennai, I did the work that I got and drank with earned money and wandered around.

In 2004 I met with an accident, due to which my left leg was surgically removed, because of my disability I could not patch up with my family again. Therefore I approached one of my friends to accommodate me for time being. That place of friend also didn’t long last.

In 2017, God showed me a well wisher and with the help of him I came to know about little drops and he admitted me here. I am so happy and peaceful now. All my basic and medical needs have been fulfilled here. I really thank God and express my sincere gratitude to all the staff and the management of Little Drops (PS: Names changed for privacy)

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“Being unwanted, unloved, uncared and forgotten by everybody, I think that is much greater hunger, much greater poverty than persons who have nothing to eat”. Said Mother Teresa.

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